Films Documentaries A Soapdealers Sunday
Soapdealer's Sunday tells about family Kurppa who live in pastel coloured modern suburb. Father Kari is unemployed, but he believes he will strike it rich in the world of multi-level marketing selling soap and vitamins. His wife Pirjo, also unemployed, expecting her fourth child, dreams of a career as a model. Their son Jani is six, girls Jonna and Sonja are of age three and four.
With no regular work to be had, people almost always stay at home. The Kurppa family is no exception; their life is a perpetual Sunday in a riotously messy flat.

script, director: Susanna Helke & Virpi Suutari
cinematographer: Tuomo Virtanen
sound designer: Olli Huhtanen

25 min, 35mm, Dolby Digital, color, Finnish dialogue