Films Documentaries All Boys - 72 min
ALLBOYS, 72 min

All Boys tells the story of the rise and demise of the gay porn brand in the Check Republic of the mid-1990s. The film focuses on the lives of producer Dan Komar and his young models, expecially a young homeless boy Ruda.

All Boys is a film about human relationships in the gay porn business and about the production and consumption of porn. When men make gay porn with other men, to other men, who is the abuser and who is the abused? Where do the young men come from who enter the porn business and where do they end up? What kind of a mark does porn leave on its producers and consumers? How does the production and consumption of porn affect us and
the society?

ALL BOYS shows ambivalent, weird, great and complex moments of human life. The young men's illusions about future meet the fantasies of their seniors. We are all human. We are all exploiting others and being exploited in the money-driven market economy. Even consumers are voluntary or involuntary members in the club of exploitation.

scriptwriter and director Markku Heikkinen
cinematographer Hannu Vitikainen, Markku Heikkinen
editor Joona Louhivuori
sound designer Olli Huhtanen
music Tobias Wilner
co-producer Elise Lund Larsen & Vibele Vogel / Bullitt Film
producer Cilla Werning
executive producer Lasse Saarinen
international sales First Hand Films/ Esther Van Messel
and distribution

starring: Ruda, Dan
Josef, Petr, Irena, Peter, Tobias, Filip

development support MEDIA Programme of the European Community
AVEK The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture

pre-buy DR DK

production support SES Finnish Film Foundation
DFI Danish Film Institute
NFTF Nordic Film & TV Fund

in co-production with YLE Co-productions

Festivals and prizes

Vinokino - Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, Finland 2009

CopenhaGen Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Denmark 2009

Rokumentti - Rock Film Festival, Finland 2009

Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival, Greece, 2010

London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, England, 2010

Honolulu Rainbow Film Festival, Hawaii, USA, 2010

New Fest - The 22nd Annual New York LGBT Film Festival, USA, 2010

Frameline 34 - San Francisco International LGBT Film Festival, USA, 2010

The 18th Art Film Fest, Bratislava / Trenčianske Teplice & Trenčín, Slovak Republic, 2010

Gaze Film Festival, Dublin, Ireland, 2010

Vancouver Queer Film Festival, Canada 2010

Reykjavik International Film Festival, Island 2010

Queer Screen Documentary Film Festival, Sydney 2010

Jihlava Int'n documentary film festival, Praque 2010

Image+Nation Cinema Festival, Montreal, Canada 2010

Leeds International Film Festival, UK 2010

Mix Brasil Festival, Sap Paulo, Brasilia 2010

Amsterdam Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Netherlands 2011

Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, USA 2011

10th Q! Film Festival, Indonesia 2011