Films Documentaries Along the Road Little Child
This is a true-to-life film about a group of Finnish and Somali children seen through their common play, about two sets of siblings who met each other in the yard of their housing estate. The children's play reflects the realities and moralities of the adult world and in it, the small events of their own world grow big and important.

Abdi (14), Nasteho (11), and Bisharo (9) and their family moved from Somalia to Finland in the 1990s to escape the civil war. In the woods around their estate, they met 12-year-old Julia and her younger siblings. The children play together in the vacant lots and the woods of their neighbourhood, in a safe haven between busy thoroughfares - their own territory. They spend their time in the stairways and basements, build huts in the woods out of tyres, cardboard and plastic, and argue about God and Allah.

Their religious disputes are like a mirror of war and peace in the adult world and their games reflect in miniature the confrontation between Western and Islamic civilisations. In contrast to adults and their conflicts, the children forget their disputes in an instant. They return to building their huts as if nothing had happened. Although cultures also collide in the world of children, the collisions are soon absorbed by play.

"You can eat pork here. It's so dark Allah can't see."

"Jesus is dumb. God is no son."

graphic designer: Iiro Törmä
script & director: Susanna Helke & Virpi Suutari
cinematographer: Heikki Färm
sound designer: Olli Huhtanen
producer: Cilla Werning
producer: Ulla Simonen

79 min, color, Finnish dialogue