Films Documentaries David - Stories of Honour and Shame
David, stories of honour and shame is a story about a democratic nation caught in between the dictatorships of Hitler and Stalin. It is narrated by representatives of a tiny minority of aliens, the Finnish Jews.

In the history of the holocaust, or shoah, there is but one exception: Finland. All other allies to Hitler's Germany as we as countries under Nazi occupation had to send their Jews to the extermination camps, only the Finnish Jews were spared. Able-bodied Jewish men fought on the Carelian front side by side with Germans. Jewish women took an active part in the efforts on the home front. German soldiers marched on Finnish streets. Jewish refugees from central Europe had stories to tell about what the Nazis did to Jews. In this atmosphere rife with fear and rumour, the double identity of the Finnish Jewry was under severe pressure: how could one reconcile the two loyalties of being a Finn and a Jew? One of the people interviewed in the film succinctly sums up the situation: "Well, we thought that if Hitler wins, they'll only take the Jews and the Gypsies, if Stalin wins; they'll take the hole lot."

cinematographer: Jouko Seppälä
director & script: Taru Mäkelä
sound designer: Ulla Turunen

94 min, Beta SP / 35mm, 1.37, Dolby SR, col/bw, Finnish/Swedish dialogue