Films Documentaries Futuro - A New Stance for Tomorrow

FUTURO - A NEW STANCE FOR TOMORROW is a journey back in time to our recent futuristic past. It's a documentary about the rise and fall of the plastic Futuro house, the story of a "Space Age" utopia that almost came true.
Documentary turns the history of this forgotten milestone in Finnish design into a story full of international colour and drama. It traces the development of Suuronen's "purely mathematical idea" into a multipurpose commodity which is eventually destroyed by time.

script: Marko Home, Mika Taanila
director, editor: Mika Taanila
cinematographer: Jussi Eerola
sound designer: Olli Huhtanen
music: Ektroverde

29 min, 35mm, 1.85, Dolby Digital, col/bw, Finnish/Swedish/English/Estonian/German dialogue