Lost and Found depicts a life of a man with no homeland. 10 years ago Konstantin G fled the persecutions of homosexuals from Moscow to Finland. He lives now in Helsinki, living the different roles of his life: he is a nurse and a friend of the aged, a bright personality of the nightlife in Helsinki's gay-world, a solitary figure of the Russian community and the Orthodox Church, and as well as an intensive cabaret performer.
Film is a mosaic-like journey to the loves and lives of Konstantin, where poems, songs and encounters form a picture of one passionate and unusual life.
In the roles of his own life Konstantin Gontcharev.

Konstantin Gontcharev

director, & script: Kanerva Cederström
cinematographer: Timo Peltonen
sound designer: Pelle Venetjoki
cinematographer: Jyrki Arnikari

53 min, 35mm / Digital Beta / Beta SP, 16:9, Dolby Digital, color, Finnish/Russian dialogue