Rax Rinnekangas is known as a writer, photogapher and filmmaker, whose films are often take their topics from the visual arts. In Lallin arvoitus he examines the birth of an abstract painting by Juhana Blomstedt. The result is a visual journey from the subject of the artist's inspiration to the finished work. For a long time, Blomstedt has been interested in the myth of Lalli - a peasant who in 1156, on ice-covered lake Köyliönjärvi, killed a crusader Bishop Henry with an axe. It is fascinating to follow the artist in his work. The figurative sketches seem to be born as of for a foundation of a historical painting. As the artist puts it, the long process continues by simplifying, cuttin details, important per se. Layers of colour appear and disappear but the inner pathos, which was the strengh of whole process, remains. The documentary reflects on different aspect of Lalli myth from the point of view of history, art history as well as history of ideas. It is a work of multiple layers; the narration is both dense, clear and compelling.

-Elisabeth Marschan

Juhana Blomstedt

director, cinematographer & script: Rax Rinnekangas
sound designer: Olli Huhtanen

50 min, Beta SP, letterbox, stereo, col/bw, Finnish dialogue