Films Documentaries Saving the World
Saving the World looks at the reality and experiencing it through the life
of my friend Marcel Bloemendal. Marcel has schizophrenia, which he
describes the following way:
"If I did not have it, I could be just boring and average. But now I can
save the world."

In the film Marcel takes the place of a travel guide to the world today.
Marcel has been incessantly travelling around Europe since 1976. I joined his journey occasionally during the five year period of film making.
The film looks at the problematics of normality and abnormality, usual and
unusual, insanity and reality. The main language used in the film and its important element is the common language of today - the broken english.

Marcel believes that he can make an eternal peace in the world. As the weapon industries would collapse in financial crisis in case that all wars would end, they have hired secret agents to eliminate Marcel. He travels from country to another in order to escape the agents, which he allways does with the advices of the mystical clearvoyant Madame Pilz.

Working with Marcel was more like a co-operative project than just documenting a persons life. The film is constructed completely from documentarial material, but the question of spreading out some kind of information or facts is irrelevant for this film . The film is an art piece which has chosen as its form a form of a documentary.

director & cinematographer: Maija Blåfield
sound designer: Pietari Koskinen

55 min, color, English dialogue