Films Documentaries Thank You For The Music
THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC is a film about this century's most underrated style of music; supermarket muzak. Muzak is ment to be heard, but never listened to.
The film takes viewers to the grey area that is the world of muzak and answers to the question: "Dad, what did you listen to before we had 20 commercial radio stations?"

director & edit: Mika Taanila
cinematographer: Jussi Eerola
sound designer: Pietari Koskinen
script: Anton Nikkilä, Mika Taanila

24 min, 35mm / Beta SP, 1.85, Dolby SR, color, English dialogue


Festivals and prizes

THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC was awarded the first Special Prize at the Tampere Film Festival 1997, the Prize for the Best Television Movie in AVANCA'97 Portugal and the quality prize of the National Council for Cinema.
The film has participated festivals around the world and gathers still continuous interest.