75- year- old Sisko is fed up with hearing about computers and the internet everywhere she goes.
Even her great grandchild spends a hot summer day swimming in a virtual swimming pool at a kids´
online community instead of a beach.
"One feels pretty much like an outsider," Sisko says, puzzled, and finally decides to start a computer course.
The Beginner is a documentary film about an aging human ´s attempt to understand the virtual world swelling around her, and its new, strange language.
Sisko´s expedition into the secrets of the seemingly mystical machine starts from the first push of the starting button and learning the double click, and continues into almost fluent googling. During her journey she is faced with some absurd situations, and frustration can´ t always be avoided, but Sisko is determined not to resign herself into the role of a dumb granny.

director & script: Inka Achté
sound designer: Olli Huhtanen
cinematographer: Marita Hällfors
cinematographer: Jani Kumpulainen

29 min, color, Finnish dialogue