Trekker is a documentary on Jyri Autio, a man blind from birth. For him seeing is as great a mystery as darkness is to sighted.
Since his childhood Jyri has wondered what is the image he cannot realize to be missing. He has sought the answer in eye surgery as well as in painting. What is it finally that separates people that perceive differently? Independence, solitude or love are experiences shared by all. While others attemp to see the invisible through modern technology, Jyri is defining his own reality. The documentary follows his growth from childhood to maturity, from one being observed to an observer. He is about to enter a new phase: independent life.

Jyri Autio

script & director: Susanna Ånäs
sound designer: Pietari Koskinen
cinematographer: Jouko Seppälä

45 min, Beta SP, 1.33, Dolby Surround, color, Finnish dialogue