Films Feature Films A Suburban Tale
Enterprising but clumsy firefighter Jesse heroically rescues ten children from a serious fire. But Jesse was not cut out to be a hero. He loses touch with reality and arranges an incredible performance at the Fireman of the Year ceremony. Jesse loses his job and seeks refuge in his childhood suburb full of weird ghosts from the past. Add Jesse's teenage love Marjukka to the picture, and the drama is ready to unfold.
The suburbs were built to last thirty years. Their time is up: entire housing areas are being renovated and the residents try to continue their lives in the buildings covered with plastic. Jesse the Flame Man is like a stranger from another planet in this scene. His persistent attempts to find love turn into a comical chaos, especially once Jesse finds work at the construction site.
Jesse's desperate attempt to find love bears fruit first after he has settled his score with the past. In the process, the gloomy suburb even supplies friendship - in strange places, at times.
A Suburban Tale is a comic rendering about hope and love, and a glimpse of the darker aspects of life.

Jesse / Taisto Reimaluoma
Marjukka / Annu Valonen
Jemina / Elena Leeve
Father / Antti Litja
Peku / Eero Milonoff
Hakkarainen / Jari Hietanen

director & script: Sakari Kirjavainen
cinematographer: Petri Rossi
sound designer: Janne Laine
production designer: Jukka Uusitalo
costume designer: Riitta Röpelinen
script: Esko Salervo

96 min, 35mm, Dolby Digital, color, Finnish dialogue