Problem: What can you do with a woman who spends all her time anticipating that right now - right here and now - her life will eventually take off? And whenever she does have an opportunity wihtin her grasp she lets it run through her fingers. And all because the one she loves chooses the wrong words, does something wrong, at a time when the heavenly signs are all wron and everything else is wrong and stacked against it? What can you do with the enigmatic, illogical and adorable Anna? - Why; love her, of course.

Anna / Päivi Akonpelto
Lauri / Petri Hanttu
Kattis / Kirsti Kuosmanen
Perälä / Heikki Sankari
Ilari / Kai Lehtinen

director: Kaisa Rastimo
cinematographer: Maiju Leppänen
sound designer: Pietari Koskinen
production designer: Kati Ilmaranta
costume designer: Tiina Kaukanen

103 min, 35mm, 1.85, Dolby SR, color, Finnish dialogue