The film tells a story about two brothers who have completely different lifestyles.
Younger brother Joni is mortally ill but has found love and a new zest for life in Estonia. Older brother Sami is a successful photographer in a personal dead end, because he has lost his ability to love.
Sami travels to Estonia to bring Joni back to Finland for treatment. When he sees the happiness and love Joni and his girlfriend Rimma share, he begins to re-think his own life and to reconsider his original plan to save his younger brother from a certain death by any means necessary.

Sami / Max Bremer
Joni / Aaro Vuotila
Sanna / Milka Ahlroth
Rimma / Marianne Kütt
Yoko / Yko Nicola Lüdimois
Pinja / Cécile Orblin
Doctor / Sara Paavolainen
Badminton buddy / Ville Virtanen

director: Esa Illi
cinematographer: Marita Hällfors
sound designer: Janne Laine
costume designer: Tiina Kaukanen

80 min, Digital Beta / Beta SP / 35mm, 1.85, Dolby Digital, color, Finnish dialogue