Films Feature Films Kiss Me In The Rain
Fifty-year-old Maire is in a loveless marriage and collects news about human tragedy. She becomes fascinated by the story of Kirsi-Mari, whose husband died when, as an innocent bystander, he tried to stop a fight. Raimo, who landed the fatal blow, is getting on with his life in a smal town on coast, learning to be a stepfather to little boy.
One dayMaires husbeand stops by, and she finally realizes that the marriage is over. Maire is alone. Both Kirsi-Mari and Raimo would like to forget the past, but Maire feels that the widow and her five-year-old daugher have notyet been sufficiently compensated for the tragedy.

Maire / Eeva Litmanen
Kirsi-Mari / Minna Haapkylä
Esa / Esko Salminen
Raimo / Matti Onnismaa
Marianne / Susanna Ringell
Juha / Antti Reini
Kaitsu / Reino Nordin

director: Veikko Aaltonen
cinematographer: Pekka Uotila
sound designer: Risto Iissalo
script: Antti Karumo
costume designer: Tiina Kaukanen
production designer: Marjaana Rantama

100 min, 35mm, Dolby Digital, color, Finnish dialogue