Latent heat depicts people who are trying to make it through a crisis.
Julia (Mari Rantasila) is going through a separation and its consequences.
Lotta (Emmi Pesonen) is truggling with grief and depression, and would like to start everything afresh. Anders (Ville Virtanen) is caught between the
pressures of his new and old family and above all, is doung his best to
protect his children.

Latent heat examines post-separation emotions such as love, hate and
forgiveness. It also looks at the everyday lives and problems of blended
families. All three main characters are facing a great change in their lives -
when something falls apart and ends, something fresh can also begin.

Mari Rantasila
Ville Virtanen
Mikko Kouki
Emmi Pesonen
Lassi Päivikkö
Valma Sipilä
Riia Kataja
Marjaana Maijala
Nicke Lignell
Anna-Maija Tuokko
Mikko Hänninen
Kari Sorvali
Anna Paavilainen
Sara Paavolainen
Wanda Dubiel
Rosa Salomaa

director & script: Paavo Westerberg
cinematographer: Robert Nordström
gaffer: Kalle Penttilä
sound designer: Kirka Sainio
production designer: Christer Andersson
production designer: Heini Granberg
make-up artist: Mari Vaalasranta
costume designer: Karoliina Koiso-Kanttila

180 min, color, Finnish dialogue