The story of a young woman in Finland during the Continuation War. A film about love, grief, and hope.
Katri Ruuska is a young woman widowed in the Winter War. In the fall of 1941, when the victorious Finnish army advances in Eastern Karelia and the trains are carrying a continuous stream of wounded from the front, Katri becomes a volunteer nurse at a military hospital in Helsinki. It is said that hard work is the best cure for grief.
At the hospital Katri meets Arvo, a poetry-reciting lumberjack from the north. He has been wounded in the head and claims to know Katri, having met her a long time ago - in his dreams. Katri claims not to believe Arvo's dreams, but deep down, she just might. At the same time Katri's childhood friend Eero is sending her shy love letters from the front.
Helsinki is hit by air raids, there's a shortage of food and other supplies, and the winter sets in much earlier than usual. When Eero returns to Helsinki as a deserter, Katri must choose between Arvo and Eero.

Katri / Vera Kiiskinen
Eero / Tarmo Ruubel
Arvo / Kai Lehtinen
Mirja / Anna-Leena Sipilä
Annikki / Pirkko Hämäläinen
Mother / Seela Sella

director: Taru Mäkelä
cinematographer: Jouko Seppälä
sound designer: Olli Pärnänen
script: Raija Talvio
costume designer: Merja Väisänen
production designer: Pirjo Rossi

107 min, 35mm, Dolby Digital, color, Finnish dialogue