No Thank You
A drama-comedy about marriage, long relationships and sex.

Heli and Matti are a 40-something couple, they have a 15-year-old
daughter and live a decent life. Everything is fine except that
Matti never wants to have sex anymore. Then Heli meets Jarno and
everything starts to change.

Heli / Anu Sinisalo
Matti / Ville Virtanen
Jarno / Kai Vaine
Sissi / Rosa Salomaa
Manna / Wanda Dubiel

Script and Direction / Samuli Valkama
Cinematography / Anssi Leino F.S.C.
Sound Design / Panu Riikonen
Set Desing / Okku Rahikainen and Tytti Tiri
Costymes /Karoliina Koiso-Kanttila
Make-up / Kati Koskela
Edit / Harri Ylönen
The Finnish Premier on 10th January 2014.



Festivals and prizes

Bortlänge (Sweden) Love & Peace Festival 24-27.6.2014
Chicago 50th International Film Festival 9-23.10.2014