Ricky is a ten-year-old boy who likes to play drums. He lives in an apartment building with his aunt Serena Rapper, a telemarketer, and dreams of performing live one day. Serena, on the other hand, dreams of Lennart Lindberg who lives downstairs. A girl named Nelly Butterfly moves into their building, and Serena encourages Ricky to get to know her, but Ricky is too shy. He does not understand how he could make friends with a girl. Serena writes a love letter to Lennart Lindberg, but the letter ends up in Nelly's hands. The letter is signed by "your friend from upstairs", and Nelly thinks Ricky has sent the letter. Nelly thinks Ricky is an idiot and writes an abusive letter to the "friend from upstairs". When Ricky finds out about the misunderstanding, he wants to disguise himself. Nelly, however, recognizes him. She is lonely and wants to get to know Ricky after all, even though she initially thought that he is an idiot. The misunderstanding coused by the letter is clarified , and Ricky and Nelly become friends. But then comes a twist: Serena breaks her leg and can no longer cook and clean. Her cousin, Fanny the Freezer, moves in to take care of the household. For her, the two most important things in life are order and cleanliness. She can not tolerate drumming or other loud noises. Ricky's and Nelly's friendship deepens when Fanny the Freezer confiscates Ricky's drum. That's when the adventure begings...

Ricky Rapper / Niilo Sipilä
Nelly Butterfly / Mimmi Lounela
Serena Rapper / Annu Valonen
Fanny the Freezer / Ulla Tapaninen
Lennart Lindberg / Martti Suosalo
Pinja Butterfly / Ullariikka Koskela
Pontus Butterfly / Teemu Aromaa
Marjatta Leppänen
Pirkko Mannola
Irina Milan
Iiro Rantala
Markus Lahtinen
Sami Kuoppamäki
Yrjänä Sauros

script: Sinikka Nopola
script: Tiina Nopola
director: Mari Rantasila
cinematographer: Timo Heinänen
sound designer: Risto Iissalo
production designer: Minna Santakari
costume designer: Niina Pasanen
make-up artist: Leila Mäkynen
executive producer: Lasse Saarinen

79 min, 35mm, 1.85, Dolby Digital, color, Finnish dialogue

Festivals and prizes

Finnish Film Week Budapest, 2011

Cairo International Film Festival for Children, 2010

Finnish Film Week Moscow, 2010

FICI International Children and Youth Film Festival, 2009

Seoul International Family Film Festival, 2009

Zagreb Film Festival, 2009

Mill Valley Film Festival, 2009

Hong Kong International Children´s Film Carnival, 2009

Riga International Children´s Film Festival "Berimor´s Cinema", 2009

Cairo International Film Festival for Children, 2009

Minsk IFF for Children and Youth, 2008

Finnish Film Week Petroskoi, 2008

Finnish Film Week St. Petersburg, 2011

Nordic Film Days Lübeck, 2008

Chicago International Children´s Film Festival, 2008

Zlin Film Festival for Children and Youth, 2008