Sisters Apart

TARU, 35, lives in a small Finnish town with her husband HARRI and his daughter NINNI, 13. Ninni is into horses and horse riding, and now Taru learns that she has also become interested in vaulting, gymnastics on a moving horse, inspired by the new horse, INDIGO. Taru is eager to take care of Ninni the best possible way, and wants Ninni to concentrate on her school instead of spending so much time at the stables.

EVA, the same age as Taru, arrives unexpectedly from Sweden. Eva takes a taxi to the horse stables and goes on the pasture to meet Ninni. Ninni's friend Ansku asks Ninni who the woman is. "That's my mother," says Ninni. Ansku does not believe her, for her Ninni's mother has never been around. But Ninni wants her mother to stay. Harri and Ninni decide together that Eva can stay for a few days in the empty house next to their own, the same house where they lived when she was small. Taru is disappointed as she realises that the decision was made without even asking her opinion.

Step by step everything that used to be in perfect harmony in Taru's life, changes. Eva is a Dream Come True for Ninni: She cuts and dyes Ninni's hair to a new style. She spends time with Ninni at the stables. Eva can show affection to Ninni, but Taru can't. Taru is advised by a therapist that Ninni should be given time to learn to know her mother. Now Taru has more time to Harri and their (sex)relationship comes back to life as they go back to how they were feeling ten years earlier.
Then Eva decides to stay.
Taru wants to keep Ninni close to her, she wants to have the family she already had, and invites Eva to have dinner with them. Ninni is nervous about her mothers' meeting and when Taru unintentionally cuts up her food into small pieces, Ninni becomes angry and yells at Taru, "Get your own child!" That night Ninni sleeps next to Eva and moves to live with Eva.
Taru needs to confront Eva, but how can she go back to their troubled friendship. Their secret about the day when Eva left? Can Taru admit that she has lived somebody else's life for 10 years?
While Taru tries to make the pieces of her life come together, we see Ninni taking long secret rides with Indigo... into the night. Is there anyone out there to help her?

INDIGO is an exceptional story of love between a girl and her two mothers. It is a multi-dimensional journey into friendship, mistakes and the new possibility to have a full life without guilt - Taru needs to go a long way from a woman capable of having a perfect family to a powerless runaway in order to realize that she has the right to love Ninni. And Harri, the love of her life.

Taru / Tiina Lymi
Eve / Minna Haapkylä
Haari / Jorma Tommila
Ninni / Kaneli Johansson
Maiju / Tuula Väänänen
Ansku / Rosa Salomaa
Mikko / Antti Kaarlela

script: Tarja Kylmä
director: Hanna Maylett
cinematographer: Jyri Hakala
sound designer: Janne Laine
production designer: Markku Pätilä
costume designer: Karoliina Koiso-Kanttila
make-up artist: Mari Vaalasranta
producer: Lasse Saarinen

101 min, color, Finnish dialogue

Festivals and prizes

Espoo Ciné International Film Festival, Finland, 19.-24.8.2008

New Nordic Films, Haugesund, Norway, 21.-24.8.2008