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Marshall can't sleep and he feels depressed. His friends, Pasty and Henninen, lure him out from his dusty flat. After a lazy resistance Marshall agrees and finds himself spending hot summer day in parks, streets and beer terraces. During the day they meet interesting people. From nice girls in the park to cops with no sense of humor. The day goes from early morning sun to a heavy rain on a night fall. When all hope seems to be gone and their clothes are wet the sun rises again. Then it is time to stop and look friendship deeply in to the eyes.

Jussi Nikkilä
Eero Milonoff
Ylermi Rajamaa
Marjut Maristo
Tytti Junna
Juha Kukkonen
Konsta Mäkelä
Wanda Dubiel

script & director: Ville Jankeri
cinematographer: Jarkko T. Laine
sound designer: Janne Jankeri
script: Mikko Rimminen
production designer: Markku Pätilä
costume designer: Karoliina Koiso-Kanttila
make-up artist: Marjut Samulin
producer: Lasse Saarinen
producer: Rimbo Salomaa
composer: Marko Nyberg
graphic designer: Miika Saksi

77 min, color, Finnish dialogue

Festivals and prizes

Nordic Film Days Lübeck 2011, The Interfilm Church Prize

Nordiske filmdager i Reykjavik, Iceland 2013

Mons International Love Film Festival, Belgium 2013

Bay Street Film Festival, Thunder Bay 2012

Peace & Love Film Festival, Borlänge 2012

NorthZone Film Festival, Berlin 2012

Finnish Film Week Paris 2012

Nordic Film Days Lübeck 2011