Matti Virtanen is a Homefront Man. He belongs to the generation that has never gone to war but has proven his manhood by cooking and changing diapers.

One blow from a fist separates Matti from his family. His wife takes their child and leaves. A man who has given up on his dreams and aspirations and whose purpose in life is keeping his position as a stockman, making sure the macaroni casserole is just right and keeping his wife and daughter satisfied, realises he has nothing to live for.

Matti decides to get his family back by buying a house, model house built for the veterans of WWII. In an own house lives a happy family, there are no disagreements, conflicts or difficulties, peace, balance and an eternal summer reigns like in a cereal commercial.

Matti becomes a fanatic. He is driven to ascetism and his jogging into all the detached-house areas in greater Helsinki, his routines and his monotonous life leads him onto his own reality in which he rules and wins. He finds the people living in the detached-house areas a threat and he is a threat to them and their mortgage paid dreams.

The story gets its tragicomic end. Matti reaches goal but alone. The bond between reality and Matti's own reality has broken.

Matti Virtanen / Eero Aho
Helena Virtanen / Tiina Lymi
Sini Virtanen / Ella Aho
Jarmo Kesämaa / Kari Väänänen
Merja Kesämaa / Kaija Pakarinen
Riitta Laakio / Katariina Kaitue
Taisto Oksanen / Esko Pesonen
Martta Oksanen / Eila Roine
Väinö / Kalevi Haapoja
Sirkku / Matleena Kuusniemi
Siikavire / Aake Kalliala
Jani / Arttu Kapulainen
Sanna / Pihla Penttinen
Kalliolahti / Eeva Litmanen
Luoma / Mikko Nousiainen
Doctor / Seppo Pietikäinen
Ulla Nieminen / Lotta Lehtikari
Reino Nieminen / Juha Kukkonen
Vera Nieminen / Johanna Mukkala
Lauri Mäkinen / Antti Reini
Neighbour / Alf Hemming
Neighbour's lady / Heli Sutela
Woman in massotherapy / Tiina Oksanen
Woman in massotherapy / Riitta Havukainen

script & director: Veikko Aaltonen
cinematographer: Pekka Uotila
costume designer: Jaana Tamminen
sound designer: Olli Huhtanen
production designer: Marjaana Rantama
publicist: Tara Kojonen

111 min, 35mm / Betacam, 1.85, Dolby Digital, color, Finnish dialogue