Malla is a family day carer, especially good at minding for other people, but equally forgetful towards herself and her own needs. She lives with her two daughters in the southern part of Finland and her husband lives on the west coast, managing a restaurant. Each weekend she drives the long way just to be with him, only to return home with a strong feeling, that somewhere her life took a wrong turn.
When a young, career-minded couple leaves their small baby girl in her care, Malla loses her patience. The girl's parents neglect all agreements, they don't keep appointments and so Malla loses what little time and chance she has to care for herself and her family. She has to stop and ask herself what is the point in caring for other people's children, when it means losing the connection to her own.
The movie is a story about dreams of life turned into quite the opposite. What should be a constructive force became something destructive that is tearing lovers apart. We meet an adult couple united by love but separated by their jobs. They reach a point where a choice is inevitable; should they pursue their dreams at the cost of losing each other, or give up the illusion of important values and enjoy the really valuable things in their life?

Malla / Nina Hukkinen
Rofa / Christian Lindroos
Inka / Alma Pöysti
Roope / Jakob Öhrman
Jenna / Jennifer Holmberg
Emma / Alva Bengts

Script & Direction / Klaus Härö
Cinematography / Robert Nordström
Edit / Samu HeikkiläSet Design / Päivi Kettunen
Costume Design / Tiina Kaukanen
Make up / Marjut Samulin
Sound Design / Kirka Sainio