Films Shorts A Clear Winters Day
An old man gets lost looking for the post office and keeps finding the same café around the corner. The café´s owner is making an ice sculpture for the woman of his dreams, but her beauty freezes him in the process.

A Clear Winter´s Day is a film about the use of memory,
oblivion, love and courage as building blocks in molding
one´s own reality.

Joonatan / Ismo Kallio
Teuvo / Tommi Korpela
Jatta Lukkari
Mia / Saara Pakkasvirta
Ilkka Heiskanen

script & director: Saara Cantell
cinematographer: Rauno Ronkainen
production designer: Pirjo Rossi
sound designer: Sami Konkonen

24 min, 35mm / Beta SP, 1.85, Dolby SR, color, Finnish dialogue