Films Shorts Monkey Business
Jensse, Sirje, Mutanen and Sami are old friends and bandmates. Sirje is about to get married and the band decide to get together once more.There is still a chance to correct some past mistakes, breathe new life into old friendships or set the course decisively into adulthood.

Jensse / Ville Virtanen
Sirje / Miia Lindström
Mutanen / Niklas Häggblom
Sami / Max Bremer
Sari / Auni Tuovinen
Milla / Birthe Wingren
Seppo / Kristo Salminen

script & director: Esa Illi
cinematographer: Pentti Keskimäki
sound designer: Olli Pärnänen
production designer: Marjaana Rantama
costume designer: Jaana Tamminen

56 min, 35mm, 1.85, Dolby Digital, color, Finnish dialogue