Films Shorts Optical Sound
Office technology becomes obsolete very quickly. Old tools transform into musical instruments. The film is based on the Symphony # 2 for 12 Dot Matrix Printers, composed by [The User].

Optical sound continues the series of films by Mika Taanila which deal with technology, humanity, and futuristic ideas. His previous work includes The Future Is Not What It Used To Be (2002), Robocup 99 (2000), Futuro - A New Stance For Tomorrow (1998), and Thank You For The Music - A Film About Muzak (1997). Taanila's films have been screened in over 200 international film festivals and in Biennales of Berlin, Istanbul and Venice.

director, editor: Mika Taanila
cinematographer: Jussi Eerola
field recordist: Olli Huhtanen
graphic designer: Timo Mänttäri

6 min, col/bw, no dialog dialogue, 35 mm cinemascope