PARTING is a fresh, funny and touching story about three teenage girls - Salla, Reeta and Paula - who start junior high in the autumn.
Gradually Salla becomes friends with her former teacher. Long talks, walks and looks make the young girl's heart burst. Troubled by his marriage, the teacher cannot really understand Salla's adolescent emotional life, and by the end of the term, the two worlds collide.

Parting is the second film by Mari Rantasila.

Reeta / Sara Malmberg
Paula / Lina Schiffer
Salla / Vilma Vuorio
Tarsala / Jari Nissinen

director: Mari Rantasila
script: Selja Ahava
cinematographer: Timo Heinänen
sound designer: Risto Iissalo
producer: Lasse Saarinen
production designer: Minna Santakari

58 min, Digital Beta / Beta SP / 35mm, 1.85, Dolby Digital, color, Finnish dialogue